ASTM has updated D1655 jetfuel specification to include Phase Technology's ASTM D7945, as used in the JFA-70Xi jet fuel analyzer

Phase Technology does it again – another "first" for the petroleum industry. Phase Technology's new JFA-70Xi jet fuel analyzer is the world's first and only instrument that performs three crucial tests in one unit—freeze point, viscosity and density. And, it does it all in less than 15 minutes! Click here for more info.



Introducing HD Maxine for Multi-Element Analysis. Crude and Heavy Oil Application

From XOS, manufacturer of the industry's leading sulfur analyzer—the Sindie 7039, comes an innovative ICP alternative to measuring metals in crude and heavy oils–the HD Maxine. Driven by tightening elemental specifications, this critical new application is one of many for the multi-element HD Maxine analyzer. Using High Definition X-ray Fluorescence technology (HDXRF®) developed by XOS, measurements are complete in ten minutes or less with minimal sample preparation, providing incredible flexibility and exceptional levels of detection (LODs). Click here for more info.