XOS delivers breakthrough elemental analysis solutions for the petroleum industry. Innovative x-ray fluorescence technology powers the detection and precision capability of these analyzers. The analyzer's ease-of-use and reliability enable their operation in tough environments from mobile vans, to refineries plants and pipeline terminal.

Phase Technology designs, manufactures, sells and services test instruments to measure cold flow properties. Phase Technology analyzers meet and comply with current ASTM International methods for measurement of pour point (ASTM D5949), cloud point (ASTM D5773 and D7397) and freeze point (ASTM D5972). The company meets and complies with numerous other major international standards and specifications, including those from the Energy Institute (EI). Supported by 17 years of extensive inter-laboratory "round robin" research, Phase Technology consistently ranks highest for repeatability, reproducibility, sensitivity and equivalency to reference manual test methods. Phase Technology has been recognized with an ASTM Award of Excellence for developing world standards for petroleum cold flow behavior.